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You have decided to get your business off the ground I wanted to share few expectations:

From ME:
-Quickest way to get a hold of me is via Facebook Messenger .
– I will be available to chat via phone calls set up in advance anytime…Just make an apt.
– I will be here to help you with any steps along the way, all you have to do is ASK.
– I will help you set goals, reverse engineer them to make them more attainable, as well as push you to reach higher!
– I will provide support, encouragement, guidance and be your biggest cheerleader as long as you are putting in the work.
– I will NEVER give up, on myself or on YOU.  All I ask is that you show up and do the daily vital behaviors.I WILL not chase you
– I will NOT run your business FOR you. This takes time, patience, and like anything worth having it takes WORK!
– I will not give you my time if you do not put forth effort in return.
– I will share my failures along the way as well as share my best practices, so we can learn and grow together.
From YOU:
– Do your workout and drink your shake daily. Be a product of the product every day. 
– To have a positive attitude and not to forget why you started this journey.
– To commit to ONE YEAR of consistency. You really do not see any of the “magic happen” before the one year mark, so commit to it! #beherein1year
– To be open and honest with me, as I cannot help you reach your goals if I am not aware of what struggles you may be having or what your goals are.
– Commit to going outside your comfort zone, pushing through hard times, and realizing that there is NO difference between YOU and ME other than TIME spent in this business.
– To choose YOUR pace and stick to that, you can work this business at whatever rate you choose, that is the beauty of this!
– Help 3 new people every month.  
– Wake up each morning and ask yourself “who am I going to encourage today” then go and do it. 
– Do NOT compare yourself to others, every journey is unique and beautiful.
– To search for answers before asking, only to make you a more independent and strong leader. We have incredible resources and helpful friends in our team page on FB as well as thousands of questions able to be answered on your online office. Then come to me to save you! I instill this practice in my coaches because I truly believe that is what set me apart and made my team so strong. So start now, and I promise you’ll learn even more along the search to find the answer!  
-MOST IMPORTANTLY.. HAVE FUN! This “job” is work, yes, but it is supposed to be work that you LOVE. Embrace that and enjoy the ride!

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